Print Collaterals

The print media has a well established place in today's marketing and advertising world and we are here to supply the most important part: the graphic design.

The Corporate Identity begins with the design of the logo, ranges through the design of business cards, stationery, internal documents and manuals, design of leaflets and brochures. All of these elements come together to Provide the Corporate Identity.

Business Collaterals
We'll put together a cohesive collection of well designed business card layouts, letterheads and printed organizational collateral that will highlight your firm's professionalism and quality with every correspondence.

Point of Purchase
Be it retail concept renderings for sales presentations, brand consistent merchandising strategies, or new structures for self shippers, 32bytes creates effective display solutions to maximize your window of opportunity.

Trade Displays
Whether we are developing pre-show concepts for presentations, brand consistent display areas, or memorable messages for tradeshow audiences, we give you memorable display solutions.

Product Packaging
The package is the first thing your customer will see. It is a portal into the product itself, a chance for your company to maximize opportunity with the consumer and engage them in the product.